Letting Go

Hello dear friends, work has been somewhat confined to my head of late. I think with the pandemic and change of life I’ve felt a little out of sorts… same as everyone else I know. But then the sun came out and the garden started to burst with life and I suddenly just felt the urge to paint a new collection. It’s called Letting Go. The abstract oil above was just a bit of fun!

The oil above is the first in the series, it’s had two base blended layers and one textured (shown now). It’s going to take time- building up layer upon layer, like letting go.

I’ll share more with you as I progress through the collection.

Hydrangea Ceramic Collection.

Hydrangea mug.

Hello dear friends,

I launched a new collection at the start of the year. It sold out in record time so I was incredibly chuffed, thank you!

I thought I’d share them on here with you so if you missed it you can see I haven’t been idle 😉

Hydrangea dish.
Hydrangea tea light holder.
Hydrangea bud vase.
Hydrangea vase.

I’m starting my summer collection now and will hopefully share it with you soon!

You can visit my shop here!

Emma x

Pastel hue ceramics

Inspired by late spring colours in my garden my new collection of ceramics feature subtle hues of pretty lilacs. Now available in my shop!

Latest collection sneak peak.

Textural oil painting on canvas. Just waiting for these to dry now before I finish them with oil pastel.

Paint and blossom

Hello dear friends,

This week has seen a dramatic change in the seasons, the blossom came out and the storm raged through. It made my paintings quite moody and textures with dashes of light shot through. So I thought I’d just share a few pics from this week, as it’s been all about the blossom and the painting, two of my favourite things!

I like to finish my oil paintings with just a touch of oil pastel, it brings them to life.

Emma x

Sleep, rest, paint.

As an artist it can be daunting when creative block happens, it’s like suddenly bumping into an invisible wall and not knowing or seeing how to get over or around it. As a woman I’ve noticed that my creative blocks nearly always happen on the fourth week of my cycle, I can pretty much set my watch by it. It’s almost like my body has its own seasonal thing going on and it really goes hand in hand with how I create now. So fourth week I call winter, I can’t work this week, my creative mojo gets up and leaves. The only way to deal with it is by accepting it for what it is and know that it will pass. On this week I read a lot, walk the dog, drink lots of tea and sometimes I down brushes and clay completely, or I just paint scraps of paper with colours, not to create anything, just to calm myself and enter a deep zen moment, it’s part of my whole process. I try and stay away from the internet as it sucks what’s left of my soul and instead I flick through mags.

Then my cycle arrives and it’s like spring! Suddenly I can’t paint or make quick enough, my creative ideas are spilling out onto the canvas and I’ll suddenly lay down the base layers for a whole collection on the trot. Shutting myself away and not coming out till I’ve got all my best work started, I feel so focused, so alive. My poor family doesn’t get much of a look in this week.

Then we roll into summer when I can peacefully create, organise my collections/stores and connect with friends and family again, plan my bizz and network before I go into autumn.

Autumn is the 3rd week and I feel the need to have everything organised and I tidy up my studio and finish work off. Then it goes around again. Understanding my body and knowing exactly what it needs has helped my creative career no end. I actually worked all this out by keeping a diary of where I was in my cycle and how I was feeling on each day. I did this for at least 6 months before I saw a pattern emerging and now I swear by journaling!

How do you get through creative block?

Styling my ceramics.

Hello, it’s always a tricky one photographing the products you have made but I have found my way out of the white box and gone more for lifestyle shots when I’m shooting my pieces, it also feels less sales sales sales in your face, I hate that. I always do my best to make sure the colours and definition are as accurate as possible and I like to bring my inspiration into the frame too. Here it is spring flowers and rustic textures.

My little plates will be on my online store soon!

Have a great weekend x

Spring collection in store.

Hello dear friends, just a quick post today of pics from my latest collection now on my online store.

Have a fabulous day.

Emma x

Botanical bud vases

786EDC93-1528-4D24-AA1C-6CF66D6EB3EBEE10D9B9-2F3A-4806-852C-334E1B41D5D824003634-C7AC-4B17-9B38-C7E224735260E8F7843A-FC89-4EC3-BAEE-4404957DC612View my complete spring collection of handmade ceramics in my store now.

Spring ceramic collection


Hello dear friends,

I just wanted to share a few pics with you of my latest collection of ceramic vases inspired by botanicals and now available in my store.

Emma x

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