Sleep, rest, paint.

As an artist it can be daunting when creative block happens, it’s like suddenly bumping into an invisible wall and not knowing or seeing how to get over or around it. As a woman I’ve noticed that my creative blocks nearly always happen on the fourth week of my cycle, I can pretty much set my watch by it. It’s almost like my body has its own seasonal thing going on and it really goes hand in hand with how I create now. So fourth week I call winter, I can’t work this week, my creative mojo gets up and leaves. The only way to deal with it is by accepting it for what it is and know that it will pass. On this week I read a lot, walk the dog, drink lots of tea and sometimes I down brushes and clay completely, or I just paint scraps of paper with colours, not to create anything, just to calm myself and enter a deep zen moment, it’s part of my whole process. I try and stay away from the internet as it sucks what’s left of my soul and instead I flick through mags.

Then my cycle arrives and it’s like spring! Suddenly I can’t paint or make quick enough, my creative ideas are spilling out onto the canvas and I’ll suddenly lay down the base layers for a whole collection on the trot. Shutting myself away and not coming out till I’ve got all my best work started, I feel so focused, so alive. My poor family doesn’t get much of a look in this week.

Then we roll into summer when I can peacefully create, organise my collections/stores and connect with friends and family again, plan my bizz and network before I go into autumn.

Autumn is the 3rd week and I feel the need to have everything organised and I tidy up my studio and finish work off. Then it goes around again. Understanding my body and knowing exactly what it needs has helped my creative career no end. I actually worked all this out by keeping a diary of where I was in my cycle and how I was feeling on each day. I did this for at least 6 months before I saw a pattern emerging and now I swear by journaling!

How do you get through creative block?

Styling my ceramics.

Hello, it’s always a tricky one photographing the products you have made but I have found my way out of the white box and gone more for lifestyle shots when I’m shooting my pieces, it also feels less sales sales sales in your face, I hate that. I always do my best to make sure the colours and definition are as accurate as possible and I like to bring my inspiration into the frame too. Here it is spring flowers and rustic textures.

My little plates will be on my online store soon!

Have a great weekend x

Spring collection in store.

Hello dear friends, just a quick post today of pics from my latest collection now on my online store.

Have a fabulous day.

Emma x

Spring ceramic collection


Hello dear friends,

I just wanted to share a few pics with you of my latest collection of ceramic vases inspired by botanicals and now available in my store.

Emma x

Hand built ceramics inspired by botanicals.


Hello dear friends, so it’s been a while, I’m cringing as I write as I hate posts that start like this, that said and done a lot has happened since we spoke last. As you can tell from my pictures I’ve been expanding my career as an artist and last year I went back to college to take a ceramics course. Whizz forward to Jan 2019 and I sold my first pieces. Even though they’ve made it to a new home I just wanted to share them with you and talk you through my process as I embark on this new chapter.

It started with the need to create something that was usable. I always struggle when I’m painting or taking photos as I know I’m creating something I love (hopefully other people will too) but other than something being beautiful to look at I had the urge to create something that could be picked up and used everyday, this is where ceramics came in.

I love to process of building something out of clay with my bare hands, at the moment I’m using hand building methods to make vases, I love the wheel but building by hand gives a more organic form, I wanted the pieces to be perfectly imperfect, I love how organic the pieces look, I think something that has come from mud lends itself to rustic shapes. Inspired by nature and my garden flowers I either print into the soft clay using seed heads or I carve designs into it, these are then stained with pigment before glazing. I use a white clay body and the whole process takes roughly six stages to get to the finished piece.


At the moment I’m just making useable pieces, either vases or small dishes but I have plans to do sculptures too at some point.

I’m still painting, I’ve moved onto oils now and I’m still as mad about photography as ever. Still using the olympus pen-f and the old fuji and still loving them both, I’ve even found a new love for lightroom over photoshop which is something I thought would never happen.

So what are you working on right now?

Emma x

Crafting in the new year.

This holiday has been great for getting back my crafting mojo. It went missing back in 2016 and I’ve finally found it hidden in my fabric draw.

I’ve been painting again and have really enjoyed being at peace with some canvas and my old brushes. And I’m chuffed to bits with my latest make! Remember that block printing I did on that old piece of linen? Well I knocked up a couple of envelope back cushions with it. I’ll pop some pics below for you to see.

I love making these, they are so easy! Simply cut a length of fabric the width of your cushion plus 2cm for seam allowance, make sure the length wraps around the cushion plus a half. Fold over the edges of the long lengths to make them tidy and sew. Then with the fabric facing inside, make an overlapping envelope to fit the width of the cushion. Pin the ends either side and sew each side shut using a 1cm seam allowance on each side. Pull the right way through and voila.

Happy crafting x

Block printing on linen

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done any crafting but since I’m now hibernating i thought it was about time to tackle some projects I’ve been meaning to do. Back in the summer I bought this beautiful Indian wooden block with the intention of printing some fabric, roll on a few months and I’ve finally got round to it. I love how simple the design is!

I mixed my favourite shade of grey with block printing medium and found a piece of natural linen out of my fabric cupboard. Happy days!

Once it’s dried I’ll iron over some grease proof paper to fix the paint, then I’m going to make some cushions out of it.

I’d forgotten how therapeutic I find printing fabric so I shall probably be doing loads more this winter. I’m also going to be reopening my store soon! I’ll keep you posted.

Emma x

Mindfulness & other stuff.


We are hurtling towards Christmas at an astonishing rate which means a new year is upon us, which means I will soon be turning 40. Well, July actually, but somewhere in your late 30s you enter warp speed and it doesn’t matter what you do it just seems impossible to slow it down, believe me I’ve tried. Well I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I can’t slow down time but I can slow down my life.

I’ve always been a bit of an eye roller when the words ‘mindful’ and ‘slow living’ are uttered or printed anywhere, but I bought a new mag the other day called Moment, just because I needed a break from all those perfect home mags and designer labels. I had been working stupidly long hours with my two businesses and had a stinking cold. My house was a complete mess and the children had decorated the tree (say no more). So the last thing I needed to see was how Mrs Smith an interior designer and Mr Smith a wanker, sorry did I say wanker? I meant banker, with their children Bloom aged 9 and Venus aged 3, and Binky the bloody pony celebrate CHRISTMAS. 

Anyway, so back to the mag. I sniffed my way through articles on Yin Yoga, staying calm and coping with social anxieties. And I have to say I could relate to so many of those women, strong lovely people that had just reached exhaustion and really did need to just slow it down and think.

I’ve always said it isn’t easy to have a calm life when you’re juggling all of the things that life seems to fling at you, but actually that’s not true. I’m about to let you in on a secret about me, I’m a recluse. I honestly couldn’t be more introvert if I tried. And because I know this about myself I’ve always made an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone. Being sociable, going to that social media do, throwing that workshop when all I wanted to do was curl up and hide until it’s all over. I thought I was being good to myself by pushing myself out there and conquering my fears, after all, that is what we’re told to do. I’ve only just realised how stupid I’ve been to make myself completely and utterly stressed out by putting myself in these situations. It’s me that’s done it, no one else has forced me. But I now get it.

It’s ok to be the way I am. I am an introvert. I’m a shy creative person who likes my own company. I’m not lonely and I do have a life. With a fabulous family and amazing friends. I don’t need to prove anything to myself anymore so I’m going to finally use that word ‘mindful’ and be mindful.

I’m going to listen to my inner voice and trust it, if it’s running screaming for the hills I’m going to follow it to the countryside and enjoy the little things. I shall not be dragging it back kicking and screaming to attend a product launch. I shall listen to my body and be kind to myself. Starting with what I eat. Giving myself more time to think about the meals I prepare. Don’t get me wrong I won’t be a saint, heavens I still need wine. But I am already mindful (there it is again) about the fuel my body needs to stay fit and energised.

Ive also started yin yoga which I flipping love! It’s a cross between meditation and yoga and focuses on your joints. And now I’ve stopped saying yes to everything I’m enjoying long walks again with my dog, something I’d been struggling to find time for as I was so busy making myself do other stuff.

I can’t tell you how excited I am now about a new year. One where I’m not making any silly resolutions or forcing myself to do or be. But just to be me. To grow my flowers for my lovely customers and paint my watercolours for my Etsy store. I’m staying in my comfort zone because it’s lovely there and there’s always a nice cup of tea and a comfy seat in the garden.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s ok to be you! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Treat yourself, take back time.

I wish you all a calm and beautiful Christmas whatever you are doing.

Emma x

Festive floral flat lay 

Hello, We awoke this morning to heavy snow. I’m not one for the cold or wet so I decided to spend my snow day Sunday drinking lots of tea and styling a little festive flat lay.

I made a moody backboard using a canvas board and acrylic paints. It works really well against wire fairy lights and really makes things pop!

It’s been a good couple of months since I’ve been able to spend an afternoon styling a little flat lay. I really enjoy doing them, it’s relaxing and fuels creativity giving me inspiration for other projects. What’s your favourite way to inspire your creativity?


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