Gardening jobs for March.

Hello, That was a snowy start to March. I must say it has set me back a little, so there is lots to catch up with now. I really couldn’t… Source: Gardening jobs for March.

New garden design.

Hello, It will soon be spring, my favourite time of year! I love the newness of it all, the endless possibilities and the extra light it brings, it’s also the… Source: New garden design.

New vintage store

I have exciting news for all of you that love my vintage props I use in my photos. I now have an Etsy store linked to the website (see it… Source: New vintage store

Gardening jobs for February.

Hello, Welcome to our newest blog category: Gardening jobs. In these posts I will share with you all the jobs you can be doing in your garden and on… Source: Gardening jobs for February.

A happy new year.

I am so excited for the new year! I haven’t made a single new years resolution which is exhilarating! One decision I have already made though is a lifestyle choice which is to be kinder to myself. I can highly recommend it! I’ve been practising the art of mindfulness. And no, it really isn’t a…

Crafting in the new year.

This holiday has been great for getting back my crafting mojo. It went missing back in 2016 and I’ve finally found it hidden in my fabric draw. I’ve been painting again and have really enjoyed being at peace with some canvas and my old brushes. And I’m chuffed to bits with my latest make! Remember…

Block printing on linen

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve done any crafting but since I’m now hibernating i thought it was about time to tackle some projects I’ve been meaning to do. Back in the summer I bought this beautiful Indian wooden block with the intention of printing some fabric, roll on a few months and I’ve…

Mindfulness & other stuff.

Hello, We are hurtling towards Christmas at an astonishing rate which means a new year is upon us, which means I will soon be turning 40. Well, July actually, but somewhere in your late 30s you enter warp speed and it doesn’t matter what you do it just seems impossible to slow it down, believe…

Festive floral flat lay 

Hello, We awoke this morning to heavy snow. I’m not one for the cold or wet so I decided to spend my snow day Sunday drinking lots of tea and styling a little festive flat lay. I made a moody backboard using a canvas board and acrylic paints. It works really well against wire fairy…

Slow Living

Slow Living, two words all over technology and something everyone is banging on about (apart from Brexit) 🙄. Chances are if ones taken a photo for ‘slow living’, then one hasn’t r… Source: Slow Living