Latest Work In Progress- Oil On Canvas

I have lots of unfinished paintings in the studio right now, I kinda like it that way. I always love a work in progress don’t you? Building up layers, blending in, scraping back and uncovering something deep within the soul of the artist. My daughter laughs at me as my work is always so dark yet she observes that I am always so light. So maybe in oil is where I hide my dark side… Well actually I think it has more to do with spending half my time in Suffolk with big skies and muddy nature reserves, tall grasses and broads. But I just love people to see their own picture when they look into one of my pieces.

This latest is in oil and I’ve lost count of the layers it’s had and it’s still not quite finished.

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this particular piece but it’s part of my latest collection called Letting Go. I’ll share it again when it’s in its next process.

Published by Emma Connolly

Potter & painter living in Bedfordshire

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