Slow Living

Slow Living, two words all over technology and something everyone is banging on about (apart from Brexit) 🙄. Chances are if ones taken a photo for ‘slow living’, then one hasn’t r… Source: Slow Living

Rose Baklava Recipe.

This recipe is very easy and so amazingly good it will have you sneaking back to the tin for more! Ingredients- 1 box of filo pastry, about 150g melted butter, 150g chopped pistachio nuts, 200g gro… Source: Rose Baklava Recipe.


Pastel on handmade paper- Water lilies.

A threatening sky

Inspired by the dramatic sky’s we’ve been having in the uk this month, I’m  enjoying painting skyscapes at the moment. It’s all about the sky!  I’m layering washes to create sky’s with real movement. Yesterday’s inspiration came by my walk over the fields, luckily the rain held off long enough for me to get back home.

April showers.

   I’ve been painting a lot of landscapes just lately which is very unlike me. I’m seeing a very strong shift in style that seems to of come upon me, and I’m embracing it with open arms and water laden brushes.  It’s quite something for an artist when ones style changes on its own, without searching it out, and I…