Festive floral flat lay 

Hello, We awoke this morning to heavy snow. I’m not one for the cold or wet so I decided to spend my snow day Sunday drinking lots of tea and styling a little festive flat lay. I made a moody backboard using a canvas board and acrylic paints. It works really well against wire fairy…

Winter styling 

Hello, as we’re on the eve of December I thought I’d share a few pics of how I start to sprinkle some festivity through my home. The tree doesn’t go up for another couple of weeks but I like to add tiny touches to get in the mood. Pine cones and colourful dried rose petals…

Faux florals 

Well I never in a million years thought I’d have faux flowers in the home. Especially as my job is growing flowers. But even I have to admit, when winter comes, faux florals can be an instant pick me up. I’ve mixed peonies and ferns here and I think the textures work great! I’ve even…

Colourful September 

Hello, I just love September! It’s one of my favourite months of the year. I was picking flowers last week for my pop-up flower stall and thought I’d share how colourful it was. My allotment is full of dahlias right now and I’ve been visiting gardens and adding other varieties I’d like to my list….

Photography for florists

Hello, So I did my first workshop the other day! It has been a real dream of mine to help others in a creative way and deliver workshops to creative… Source: Photography for florists