Styling my ceramics.

Hello, it’s always a tricky one photographing the products you have made but I have found my way out of the white box and gone more for lifestyle shots when I’m shooting my pieces, it also feels less sales sales sales in your face, I hate that. I always do my best to make sure […]

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Spring still life.

   A very whimsical Spring shot I took last year on my Fuji DSLR with my favourite vintage Nikon lens that I pinched from my dad, yes he does know, ha, I’m always pinching his camera equipment. I just love the simplicity of this little pink bell and the texture of the cut glass, so […]

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Soft light still life

           I managed to catch some glorious light in my garden room the other day. Now the evenings are getting lighter the sun is getting higher and ever so slightly warmer, resulting in my favourite natural light. I put together this simple still life for the colours that are inspiring me right now, […]

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