Textile design, block printing.

There are few things more calming then sitting down with a fresh piece of Lino ready to make your mark.   

I love designing and making my own blocks for fabric printing, being in charge of the whole process from drawing, cutting, selecting fabric and the instant gratification that comes with something handmade. I think out of all the printing methods, this one is my favourite!

Every single print being utterly unique and slightly different, perfect imperfections.


Styling the seasons, January 

 Styling an area in your home with fresh flowers instantly lifts the spirits! I just love these candy stripe tulips from M & S.  


iPhone flat lay

I love Iphoneography! Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer an image shot with a DSLR, but not everyone has one of those, and you certainly can’t keep one in your back pocket.

There are times when I just want to snap with my phone, I love how instant it is, and how quickly I can share my images to Instagram and Twitter, not to mention easy uploading to my blog.

Flat lay photography is great fun and the iPhone lends itself beautifully to this.

Here I’ve played about with a little cool composition. The textures of the dried flowers and shell contrast beautifully against the white washed wood. The depth and contrast of your objects is key for a successful flat lay.

To perfect the detail and lighting of the shot- tap the screen, shown next to the box is a sun and this controls the brightness by sliding up and down. You can also try tapping different areas of the screen to adjust lighting also.


Soft light still life

I managed to catch some glorious light in my garden room the other day.

Now the evenings are getting lighter the sun is getting higher and ever so slightly warmer, resulting in my favourite natural light.

I put together this simple still life for the colours that are inspiring me right now, I just love dusky blues and lilacs with a hint of pale grey.

This still life was shot on my DSLR with an ISO of 400, F2 & shutter speed 120 with a 50mm Nikon vintage portrait lens.

The light is soft and whimsical and the tea light brings extra warmth.

Hope you are having a good week!


Cotton Collage With Piccollage



Creating little collages using the app Piccollage which is great for using on Instagram!

Change layouts, backgrounds and add text over the top to really make your story come alive!

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