Emma Connolly Designs, fabric collection 1

Stars linen and chunky natural linen.   

Black roses cotton.

Tatty pink roses linen.

Stars cotton.

China blue roses linen.

A selection of my watercolour for fabric design work, digitally printed onto soft cotton drill and fine linens. Cotton from £38.00 pm, linen from £55.00 pm, please see my store for further info, shop link top of page.

Vintage books still life

Love the texture of these old books wrapped in the softness of the ribbon.

Vintage Nikon 50mm lens, bright day, available light-warm, ISO 400, F5, shutter 120.

Textile design, my inspiration.

I’m often inspired by nature and what I see around me at the time. Flowers and birds seem to be the main ones, I’m always looking and marvelling at the blooms that come up and the swallows that sweep the sky. I like to study the texture, form and colour and where possible bring it home, but that’s where my camera comes in handy! It’s great these days to be able to instantly capture beauty, either on my phone or with my DSLR. Bellow are two of my favourites that inspired me to design the linen shown. 
My China Blue Roses linen is a slightly oriental chintz, extremely delicate and subtle with a pretty blue hue. It’s an original watercolour of mine which I have digitaly printed. The reason for my watercolour designs being printed digitaly is because they are tonal. It is great what they can do today, and this probably has to be my favourite fabric, I’ve designed  eight for digital print, although I love them, I much prefer to handprint either by silk screens or blocks as I love how instant and unique the process is.

I still draw from the same inspirations whatever method I chose to print in, but I’d have decided in my head first which tool I will be creating with. The initial process starts by studying the object and taking photos, then I draw it and sometimes paint it before tweaking it to be made into screen or block.

This year I’m looking at producing some more structured stuff in blocks and screens, I’m taking inspiration from tall plants and will be visiting lots of gardens, I’m looking forward to it!


Colours of Cambridge 

I’m in love with Cambridge! I feel so lucky to live so near this amazing town, steeped in history you can almost smell the academia, what I wouldn’t give to study here.

Last wkend the Mr & I treated ourselves to a mini break and dinner at Midsummer House. Here are some of my shots I shared over on my Instagram 


Needless to say I came away totally inspired! Well worth a trip! The colours and architecture were mind blowing, and I just loved walking around some of the university gardens. The Fitzwilliam museum showcased the most beautiful works and findings.

Oh, and I almost forgot… There was a man playing his guitar in a bin! I know- random!

Textile design, block printing.

There are few things more calming then sitting down with a fresh piece of Lino ready to make your mark.   

I love designing and making my own blocks for fabric printing, being in charge of the whole process from drawing, cutting, selecting fabric and the instant gratification that comes with something handmade. I think out of all the printing methods, this one is my favourite!

Every single print being utterly unique and slightly different, perfect imperfections.


Styling the seasons, January 

 Styling an area in your home with fresh flowers instantly lifts the spirits! I just love these candy stripe tulips from M & S.  


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