A very simple bunch of tulips for a cheery flat lay shot. Such a happy flower full of the promise of Spring. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I get every time I walk around our cottage garden and see new bulbs emerging! It’s been a little odd as we had daffs before snowdrops, but the grape hyacinths are coming now so I think it’s all back in order.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Published by Emma Connolly

Potter & painter living in Bedfordshire

2 thoughts on “Tulips.

  1. Such a pretty colour of tulips too.
    I can’t wait to buy our own place where we can plant lots of winter bulbs. Where we are renting at the moment, we have lots of daffodils but that’s about it. We planted tulips after we first moved in but they didn’t really produce anything and have since just vanished.
    Snow drops will definitely be on my list of things to plant once we move out and into our forever home x x


    1. Ah do you no what, sometimes that just happens. It’s lovely picking flowers for a forever garden! My favourite tulips are called Angelique! They are well worth buying this Autumn, make sure you plant them deep xx


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