A happy new year.


I am so excited for the new year! I haven’t made a single new years resolution which is exhilarating! One decision I have already made though is a lifestyle choice which is to be kinder to myself. I can highly recommend it!

I’ve been practising the art of mindfulness. And no, it really isn’t a load of rubbish, (who knew). I feel a lot calmer, therefor happier which in turn benefits everyone around me and actually makes their life happier too.

I’ve started with the basics and just wanted to share some tips on what I’ve learned so far to help you start a kinder new year.



  • Be Grateful: Take a moment and list everything you are grateful for, it can be anything you like, from the big things like your health or family, to the little things like a cup of coffee.
  • Appreciate: Allow yourself to appreciate the moment. Whilst I’m sitting here writing this blog post my teen daughter is playing her music and it’s drifting down the stairs, it’s mildly distracting, but I can appreciate the fact that it makes her happy and I’m happy that she is warm and safe.
  • Say no and stick to it: Ok so we’ve all heard this one before but saying yes when we really mean no sends our stress levels through the roof. Sometimes it can be hard to say no to something through fear of missing out. But next time you’re asked to do something, anything, I want you to really think about it. Think about the time involved, is it the best way to use your time and energy.  And if it is a no, don’t feel guilty!
  • Take time out: Sometimes easier said then done, but even if it’s just five minutes over your morning cuppa, just to get the day straight in your head. But I highly recommend scheduling in time for yin yoga. There are some good classes on youtube! It’s a bit of a cross between meditation and yoga, and focuses on deep breathing and your joints, with long controlled poses.
  • Lists: I am a huge fan of the list! But I’m not talking about washing the kitchen floor or ironing. Writing a list at the start of the year of how you want to feel. I love to do this! Include things you’d like to try and things you’d like to make time for. For example, I want 2018 to feel calm and relaxed, I’ve been making a list of how I can apply that to the way I work and how to spend my time with my family, including some projects just for me.
  • Diet: I’m not talking weight watchers. I don’t believe in over indulging or punishing your body with food, but every thing in moderation. Listen to your body, are you still hungry? What fuel have you put into it? Have you drank enough water so far to keep you hydrated. Did you no that not drinking enough water can make us feel sluggish and give us a headache. We need to drink plenty to flush out toxins from our bodies to make us feel energised. The same goes for food, I will not refuse myself a slice of lemon drizzle oh no, but I’m mindful of the fuel my body really needs for me to keep going. I was never mad on healthy foods just because I hadn’t had any good healthy food, then I discovered the cooking of Yotam Ottolenghi and my life changed! Seriously, you don’t think you like healthy food, go and check out his website! You need never eat a dull salad or wonder what to do with tofu ever again!


  • De-clutter: It’s true what they say, a clearer place is a clearer mind. I’m currently going through the entire contents of my kitchen and either throwing anything I don’t use or making sure everything has a place. My bags of flour are now in labelled jars. It’s a small victory but I already feel better.

Lastly my final piece of advise, don’t deny yourself happiness. Every now and then it is good to put yourself first.

Happy 2018!

Emma x


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